16 September 2014

UPDATE: 16 SEP 2014

For Thursday's class session, each of you will deliver a 4 minute presentation to your classmates. The presentations should address the in-class writing and small group discussions you had in today's class session (Tuesday, 16 September) that dealt with your personal connection to or understanding of the topic of "Science and Society." Please be professional and structured in your delivery. You may use notes cards for talking points or reminders, but I don't want you reading off a script. Your presentations should be delivered in a relaxed, conversational style--but not aimless rambling.

As an audience member, remember to be actively engaged, noting how people present themselves and how their interests relate to your own. These, more or less, are de facto auditions for your group projects later in the semester.

Finally, please bring your final cover letter packets to class, which you will turn before we begin.