20 October 2014

UPDATE: 20 OCT 2014

As you all are aware, our next major assignment of the semester you will require you to write a comparative-rhetorical analysis, critiquing the way authors compose for different audiences.

Specifically, you will locate, read, and analyze both an academic essay and a popular article that addresses the same subject matter or topic. After doing so, you will contrast the manner in which the texts use language to convey an argument or information.

In preparation for this assignment, we will read, write about, and discuss two essays/articles in class that examine possible responses to (or treatments for) the Ebola virus.

The first text is a research study titled "Accelerated Vaccination for Ebola Virus Haemorrhagic Fever in Non-Human Primates," written by Nancy J. Sullivan, et al. in the 07 AUG 2003 issue of Nature. You can find the full article on Norlin's website (you'll need to be logged in to access the link directly). Please read this essay for Tuesday's class session. Will will write about and discuss this text in class.

For Thursday class session, please read the second article, titled "The War on Ebola," that was published on The Economist's website on 18 OCT 2014. We will write about and discuss this article in Thursday's class. Moreover, we will discuss the differences between the two articles during this session.

By reading, analyzing, and discussing these articles (and their differences) in class, you should gain a better understanding for how to approach your own Rhetorical Analysis.