20 March 2015

UPDATE: 20 MAR 2014

First, I would like to announce that the due date for the TEDTalk video-essay will be pushed back; instead of turning in the assignment on Monday 06 April, the assignment will now be due on Monday 13 April.

I will also move the due date of the RadioLab-style audio-essay; instead of a Friday, 01 May due date, you will turn the assignment in to me on Wednesday, 06 May.

As for the TedTalk, you will be expected to create a 7-9 minute video that concentrates on a specific sub-topic related to your umbrella topic/issue. In addition to delivering to me a video file, I would also like a typed hard-copy of your script (double-space, 12-point Times New Roman font).

You should organize your TedTalk video-essay in a comprehensible manner, employing a rhetorical framework that clearly conveys your message with discernible talking points and smooth transitions. To this end, think about the way in which concrete examples, narratives, and diagrams/images serve to highlight your material. Likewise, consider how editing, cuts, angles, and other technical aspects serve to enhance your language and offer compelling visual stimuli. Finally, consider how the presenter's body language (e.g. posture and hand movements), appearance, and vocals (e.g. cadence, rhythm, and intonation) affect the viewer's understanding and acceptance of the message.