24 January 2015

UPDATE: 24 JAN 2014

We will continue to workshop the student example of an "Experience" entry at the beginning of Monday's class session. Once we conclude the class-wide critique, I want you to conduct another peer-review of a peer's resume, focusing, specifically, on their "Experience" sections. Employ the same critical techniques on your peer's resume.

To this end, you'll need a complete rough draft of your resume. When doing so, it's a best practice not to separate paid positions (i.e. "Employment") from unpaid positions (i.e. "Volunteer" or "Service"). Grouping all your work-related activities under the general category of "Experience" will provide you, rhetorically, with a stronger document.

22 January 2015

UPDATE: 22 JAN 2014

For tomorrow's class session, please bring a draft of one "Experience" entry (i.e. a job, internship, or volunteer position) for your resume.

When drafting the entry, make sure you to include the company, organization, or institution's name, it's location, the dates of your employment/service, and your position title.

When describing you duties and responsibilities, make sure you lead each bullet-pointed item with an strong "action word," followed by a specific duty that resulted in a particular outcome. As you compose these items, try to incorporate language from the job description and focus on the duties you performed that relate to the employer's job posting.

We will workshop and peer-review these entries during our class session.