25 February 2015

UPDATE: 25 FEB 2014

I've listed the conference schedule for each section below. Please show up 5 minutes before your time slot so as to ensure that we can begin our meetings on time. Be prepared to speak at length and in detail about your umbrella topic, possible subtopics, and the progress you've made on your Research Proposals. All meetings will be held in my office, which is located in the basement of the Environmental Design Building.

Friday, 27 February:
12:00: Alex, Chris, Shannon
12:25: Devon, Katherine, Owen 
1:00: Andrea, Kevin, Peyman
1:25: Clayton, Daniel, Joshua 
2:00: Daniel, Jennifer, Michelle
2:25: Dobis P.R., Forrest, Odom 
Monday, 02 March:
12:00: Christina, Olivia, Veronica
12:25: Adian, Victoria, Wyatt 
1:00: Beckett, Ryan, Shalini
1:25: Charlie, Grant, Nina 
2:00: Austin, Brendan, Chrissy J, Nathan
2:25: ALex, Becky, Christian, Jack 
Wednesday, 04 March:
12:00: Andrew, Craig, Sam
12:25: Alec, Jared, Jason, Jeremy 
1:00: Conner, Emma, Thuy
1:25: James, Kayla, Marta 
2:00: Casey, Taggert, Zeyu
2:25: Ben, Dominic, Thomas