18 May 2015

UPDATE: 18 MAY 2015

For the final projects of all three sections of WRTG 3030: Writing on Science and Society (Spring 2015), students formed into small group in order to create video-essays in the style of TEDTalks. Embedded in this post are each groups' final version of their projects. More information regarding each video can be found on the individual YouTube pages:


What Happens When the Government Funds Controversies

The Next Giant Leap

Tripping Through Time

Fracking and Water Contamination

Whose Water Is It Anyway?

The Echoes of Apollo


How Quantum Computers will Change the World

3D Prothetics

Music, Anticipation, and Preference

From Wooden Peg Legs to Robotic Monkeys

Privacy in the Techonolgy Era

Gene Doping


Sport Concussions: The Underlying Dangers of Competition

Asteroid Mining

Why You're [Also] Probably Not Doing Enough About Internet Security

Nanotechnology in Environmental Cleanup

Smart Prosthetics and the Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces

HIV and Personalized Gene Therapies: The Future of Medicine