11 November 2014

UPDATE: 11 NOV 2014

To proceed with your RadioLab audio-essay/interview, you'll need to download Audacity. You can find a free version of the sound-editing software at the company's website.

Below, I've embedded the two tutorials we watched in class today. The first video addresses downloading the software, system requirements, and, generally speaking, what you need to know in order to get started when using the program:

The second video addresses basic, video-recording and -editing elements and techniques that you will need to know in order to properly capture and manipulate your sound files:

If you have any questions about the software's functions and capabilities, please watch these again. If the answer you're looking for is not in one of the videos, ask me in class or via email.

In this Thursday's session (13 November), you will schedule group conferences with me for the following week. Each research group will meet with me for 15 minutes on either Tuesday, 18 November or Thursday, 20 November to discuss their project.

The remainder of your class time (which amounts to 2 hours and 15 minutes) will be dedicated to group work. In order to demonstrate that you're working on your project (and not doing something else), I'll need your group to type detail minutes that clearly outlines how you spent your class time. You will send these minutes to me in a professional email, no later than Sunday, 23 November.

Finally, I will need you to "vote" for what type of grade re-adjustment you would prefer, since we are no longer creating a TED Talk video-essay. Your options are as follows: a) I will retroactively re-weight your previous grades so, ostensibly, the course will be have a total allotment of 75 points, or b) increase the RadioLab's total allotment from 25 to 50 points. In a professional email with the subject line "Grade Allocation," simply write "Choice A" or "Choice B." I will use whatever grading system received the most votes for all courses. Please send this email to me, no later than Friday, 14 November.