29 August 2014

UPDATE: 29 AUG 2014

First, I want to call your attention to the revised, daily schedule at the end of the syllabus. As you can see, I've divided the resume and cover letter discussions and workshops into separate weeks. Instead of attempting to address both of these genres simultaneously, we're going to focus on each one separately. This, I hope, will provide you with more time to think through the nuances of each documents more thoroughly.

For this coming week, then, I want you to read the following websites that deal with resume writing:
(Click through all the relevant links on this main page) 
After you read through these pages/sites, begin thinking about how you can create the best resume for your field, as well as a particular position. While you may be able to consider your field requirements generically, I want you to find a specific job posting to tailor your resume toward. To this end, find an opening for an internship or entry-level position that you could feasibly apply to in the near future. Jot down some notes and ideas (with the reading we've done and the job you've selected in mind) that would aid in the drafting of your resume. Bring a hard-copy of this job opening to class on Tuesday; likewise, make sure to download, copy-and-paste, or take a screen shot of the opening. Most of these ads will disappear once the position is filled, and you'll need to have recourse to it over the course of the next few weeks.

I will provide you with some sample resumes in class on Tuesday that we can talk about and use as templates.

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