09 September 2014

UPDATE: 09 SEP 2014

Class, as I informed you over the weekend, via email, your resume delivery-date has been pushed back to Thursday, 11 September. Outside of the due date, all the parameters for its delivery will remain the same.

For our class session on Thursday, please bring a rough draft of the cover letter you will use for the job ad for which you are "applying." When drafting this letter, please consider both the sites/articles we read for Tuesday's session, as well as the discussions we shared.

In addition to bringing a hard-copy of your cover letter to our class session, you will need to email me a digital copy before our session begins. Please send/save the letter as a .pdf file and have your course section number in the subject line of the email.

I will provide a series of workshop question for you, as I did with the resumes. I'll have these questions posted to the blog before class on Thursday.

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