18 February 2015

UPDATE: 18 FEB 2014

In order to create research groups, I'll need each one of you to send me an email before 3pm, tomorrow afternoon. Please follow the below directions/formatting:

The subject line of your email should be [Section Number]: Group Request; so, for example, if you're enrolled in my 12:00pm course, your subject line would read "10: Group Request."

The first paragraph of your email should begin with the name of your first requested peer, proceeded by a detailed and specific explanation of why you would like to work with student. You should derive this information directly from the presentation they delivered.

The second paragraph of your email should begin with the name of your second requested peer. The content of the paragraph should adhere to the same format as the previous paragraph.

Finally, your third paragraph should begin with the tag "Alternates:" followed by a list of four of your peers. You do not need detailed explanations or justifications for why you would like to work with your alternate choices.

I will create groups based upon a) the detail and rhetorical veracity of your explanations, b) common/joint requests, and, as a final deciding factor, c) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Remember, you will work in/with these research groups for the remainder of the semester, so be sure to request students who have similar interests, complimentary skill sets, a solid work ethic, and compatible personalities.

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