20 February 2015

UPDATE: 20 FEB 2014

For the remainder of the semester, you will conduct research and complete projects in small groups. They are as follows:
Group 1: Christina, Roni, Olivia
Group 2: Katherine, Owen, Devon
Group 3: Sam, Andrew, Craig
Group 4: Tori, Aidan Wyatt
Group 5: Jeremy, Jason, Jared, Alec
Group 6: Chris, Alex, Shannon 
Group 1: Emma, Connor, Thuy
Group 2: James, Marta, Kayla
Group 3: Clayton, Joshua, Daniel
Group 4: Beckett, Shalini, Ryan
Group 5: Kevin, Peyman, Andrea
Group 6: Charlie, Nina, Grant
Group 1: Austin, Nathan, Chris, Brendan
Group 2: Odom, Forrest, Dobis
Group 3: Becky, Christian, Alex, Jack
Group 4: Jennifer, Michelle, Daniel
Group 5: Zeyu, Casey, Taggert
Group 6: Dominic, Ben, Thomas
During your first meeting, please spend some time getting to know one another better through conversation, etc. But I would also like you to engage in serious discussions about possibly "umbrella" topics, create a rough sketch of your time line, and exchange contact information.

If, for some reason, you have a "serious" issue with the research group in which you have been placed, please email me this weekend with a clearly articulated grievance. If someone in another group expresses a similar desire to exit their pairing, I will consider swapping your places.

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